698ca56a7863ebb7974d57967c5687a417e48ff5 — Drew DeVault 8 days ago 847023c 0.69.7
Require all users to pay to submit builds

The syncronization issue has been fixed, so builds has an up-to-date
billing record for all users.

This reverts commit 847023c0fee691a7d364c04ebf0b9ad15f267106.
1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 3 deletions(-)

M buildsrht/runner.py
M buildsrht/runner.py => buildsrht/runner.py +0 -3
@@ 33,9 33,6 @@ def queue_build(job, manifest):
def requires_payment(user):
    if allow_free:
        return False
    # Temporary:
    if user.created < datetime(year=2021, month=5, day=1):
        return False
    return user.user_type not in [