ee4b7b03 — Bitbake Tester 2 years ago master
Update invariants
Fix enum-value-name
Any nonzero integer indicates a present optional
Remove semicolon from fields
Improve specification of signed varints
Add void types
Correct typo
Add security considerations
Update grammar
Add enum primitive type specification

This was somewhat lost when e8 et al were removed
Re-introduce data limitation on map keys

This was lost in some earlier refactorings
Encode length of map members as uint
Permit a single type in a union


type Message (MessageV1)

This would allow you to upgrade to V2 with backwards compatibility in
the future:

type Message (MessageV1 | MessageV2)
Document invariants
Use uints for internal length encodings
Add varints and refine enums
Clarify length of data<length>
3ad825fd — galago3000@gmx.com 2 years ago
Fix typo in spec
Tweak format for type, enum, and field names
Remove ',' delimiter in enum/struct fields