main/musl: update to 1.1.21, update RISC-V patches
main/yaml: libtool fixes
main/htop: libtool fixes
main/luajit: add !riscv64
15286b38 — Stefan O'Rear 1 year, 2 months ago
riscv64: strace fails in the same way as powerpc, apply same fix
a9040560 — Stefan O'Rear 1 year, 2 months ago
riscv64: several staging/dependency fixes
main/pcre: disable JIT on RISC-V
main/libffi: update to 3.3_rc0, RISC-V tweaks
main/libtool: update for riscv64 + reverse deps
main/musl: add riscv64 cache flush syscall patch
main/musl: Add syscall_cp fix for riscv64
main/musl: add v2 syscalls patch for riscv64
main/git: fixes for cross-compiling [WIP]

Need to fix git-gui
main/pcre2: disable jit for riscv64
riscv64: libtool hacks [rebase this out later]
scritps/bootstrap.sh: WIP riscv64 improvements
main/openssl: set _target to generic64 for riscv64
main/musl: initial riscv64 patches
main/linux-headers: set _carch=riscv
main/gcc: disable ada and libitm for riscv64

Presumably temporary