Add missing go.sum entries
Implement Container interface in widgets/
Implement the Container interface in lib/ui/
Merge lib/ui/interfaces.go and add another
Make repeated invalidations more efficient
Send commands up to the top-level aerc widget
Add cursor handling in ex line
Add, update license (MIT -2019)
Handle errors from worker initialization
Swap message list placeholder for spinner
Add loading spinner
Handle connection errors properly
Add name to DirectoryInfo messages
Issue IMAP SELECT command
Simplify approach to directory list

This doesn't really need to be abstract tbh
Revert "Add abstract list, update dirlist accordingly"

This reverts commit 3157897c1a20e5638feaf56e753b7886bc4ba267.
Revert "Render selected list item differently"

This reverts commit 60284850f22624a03996e882fcfd6aeb2af88b93.
Render selected list item differently
Add abstract list, update dirlist accordingly