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masterrefactor lib/ui/tab to ensure staying in boundsMarkus Ongyerth5 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-06-13refactor lib/ui/tab to ensure staying in boundsHEADmasterMarkus Ongyerth
2018-06-12Apply gofmtDrew DeVault
2018-06-12fallthrough in worker selectionMarkus Ongyerth
2018-06-11Fix tab invalidation bugsDrew DeVault
2018-06-11Apply gofmtDrew DeVault
2018-06-11Clean up some old codeDrew DeVault
2018-06-11Move sidebar into account tabsDrew DeVault
2018-06-07Use default color for selected tabDrew DeVault
2018-06-01Update go.modDrew DeVault
2018-06-01switch to tcell from termboxMarkus Ongyerth
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