Revert "Add Style configuration"

This reverts commit 0f78f06610c0e8887aba2ae50e99b86477a384b3.
Revert "Remove duration from the status methods"

This reverts commit f06d683688e3d2139b14f67b7e349089e7200bf4.
Revert "Make color scheme match previous design more closely"

This reverts commit 7832eb6fd7836d5108d7a005dad96d92a79e15e7.
Make color scheme match previous design more closely
Remove duration from the status methods

We always set 10 seconds anyhow, might as well do that without repeating ourselfs.
Add Style configuration

The following functionalities are added to configure aerc ui styles.
- Read stylesets from file with very basic fnmatch wildcard matching
- Add default styleset
- Support different stylesets as part of UiConfig allowing contextual
- Move widgets/ui elements to use the stylesets.
- Add configuration manual for the styleset
notmuch: undefined variable when setting reply flag
Set AnsweredFlag on successful reply
aerc: Refactor getpasswd dialog

Previously there's a hack for showing and hiding the dialog.

Change it to use channels to emulate async/await
feat(pgp): Show error message from pgp

The error wasn't shown, making errors like wrong password being ignored
and the password is prompted again.
feat(pgp): Add <ESC> to cancel password prompt

Previously there was no way to cancel the password prompt.
pgp: fail gracefully from email decryption

Aerc panics when there's an error on email decryption.
Instead, an error message should be shown.
msg/reply: scoping error of part slice for quoting

part was left unassigned in the outer scope. Leading to errors while
Update version to 0.4.0
Add contrib/_incr_version
msg/forward: fix body part selection
Move findPlaintext / findFirstNonMultipart to utils

They are used by more than one command and as such need to be in a common file.
msg/reply: fix encoding issues for quoted reply.