686ca244 — Ben Fiedler 2 days ago master
Switch back to upstream pty library

The relevant change was merged upstream, and thus allows us to clean up
unneeded forks.
Correct spelling
Add docs for reply -T
Strip trailing newline from address book entries without names

When the list of completions from the external command doesn't have
associated contact names, the email address we attempt to parse was
being terminated with a newline. Now, we strip the trailing newline if
eca38632 — Timmy Douglas 9 days ago
compose: don't call ti.tabcomplete when it is nil
template: remove last \n to fix additional new lines after quote
add .OriginalMIMEType variable to reply template
remove Original* check
create OriginalMail struct
template: man cosmetic changes
template: add exec and wrap
maildir/notmuch: don't re-encode readers
imap: decode reader prior to returning them
FetchBodyParts: decode source in the workers

Previously the workers returned a mixture of decoded / encoded parts.
This lead to a whole bunch of issues.
This commit changes the msgviewer and the commands to assume parts to already
be decoded
models: add BodyStructure.PartAtIndex
msgviewer: decode headers prior to displaying them
msgviewer: bypass filter for headers
msgviewer: do not anchor ansi escape to start of line
Reword aerc-tutorial with revised constraints

This document used to specify some constraints on the receipient
address, but this has since been corrected in aerc.
Don't select completions until tab has been pressed

Before, pressing <Enter> when completions were visible would execute the
selected completion. As soon as completions were provided, the first
item would be selected. This could cause issues e.g. when changing

  :cf <Enter>

Previously, this would have selected the first folder in the list. Now,
since <Tab>, <C-n>, etc have not been pressed to select the first
completion, the command above simply executes `:cf `.

To accomplish this, a "no-op completion" has been added at index -1.