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worker/types: fix Worker.Callbacks race condition

Worker.Process* functions were called in different goroutines than
Worker.Post*. Protect the map with a mutex. Also make the map unexported to
prevent external unprotected accesses.

Worker.Process* functions used to delete items from the map. However they
didn't delete the element they retrieved: callbacks[msg.InResponseTo()] was
read while callbacks[msg] was deleted. I'm not sure I understand why. I tried
to delete the element that was accessed - but this broke everything (UI froze
at "Connecting..."). I don't believe any elements were actually removed from
the map, so the new code just doesn't remove anything.
67d14977 — Markus Ongyerth 2 years ago
fallthrough in worker selection
Reduce boilerplate in worker/UI
Improve logging
Move worker into account tab
Misc idiomatic fixes
Parse account configuration
Initial pass on worker/UI message passing