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propagate error from sendmail
reply: don't override the answered flag if we didn't send

Aerc just sent the true / false update regardless, meaning if someone already
replied to a mail, then drafted yet another mail to the same parent the flag
would vanish. This commit fixes this behaviour.
handle message unknown charset error

This change handles message parse errors by printing the error when the
user tries to view the message. Specifically only handling unknown
charset errors in this patch, but there are many types of invalid
messages that can be handled in this way.

aerc currently leaves certain messages in the msglist in the pending
(spinner) state, and I'm unable to view or modify the message. aerc also
only prints parse errors with message when they are initially loaded.
This UX is a little better, because you can still see the header info
about the message, and if you try to view it, you will see the specific
reply: use set instead of linear search
msg/reply: don't cc the sending address on reply all
Add account alias configuration and correctly set From field

We infer the correct From using the To: and Cc: field of the email that
we reply to.
msg/reply: handle addresses as addresses

This simplifies the code considerably and makes it easier to follow
base models.Address on the mail.Address type

This allows us to hook into the std libs implementation of parsing related stuff.
For this, we need to get rid of the distinction between a mailbox and a host
to just a single "address" field.

However this is already the common case. All but one users immediately
concatenated the mbox/domain to a single address.

So this in effects makes it simpler for most cases and we simply do the
transformation in the special case.
Add support for :rmdir

The `:rmdir` command removes the current directory (`-f` is required if
the directory is not empty).

This is not supported on the notmuch backend.

An issue with the maildir backend is that some sync programs (e.g.
offlineimap) may recover the directory after it is deleted.  They need
to specifically be configured to accept deletions, or special commands
need to be executed (e.g. `offlineimap --delete-folder`) to properly
delete folders.

A danger of using this on the IMAP backend is that it is possible for a
new message to be added to the directory and for aerc to not show it
immediately (due to a slow connection) - using `:rmdir` at this moment
(with `-f` if the directory already contains messages) would delete the
directory and the new message that just arrived (and all other
contents).  This is documented in aerc(1) so that users are aware of
possible risks.
Add `oauthbearer` support for SMTP

This piggybacks on the existing IMAP support, and uses the same
configuration format (my local testing example has the IMAP and SMTP
lines almost copy-pasted from one another).

It's a little clumsy in that a new token is negotiated for every
`Send()` command, but it's a start...
905cb9df — Kalyan Sriram 1 year, 2 months ago
Implement style configuration.

Introduce the ability to configure stylesets, allowing customization of
aerc's look (color scheme, font weight, etc). Default styleset is
installed to /path/to/aerc/stylesets/default.
Set environment variables for the exec command
Revert "Implement style configuration."

This reverts commit 1ff687ca2b0821c2cacc1fa725abb3302d2af9da.
1ff687ca — Kalyan Sriram 1 year, 2 months ago
Implement style configuration.

Introduce the ability to configure stylesets, allowing customization of
aerc's look (color scheme, font weight, etc). Default styleset is
installed to /path/to/aerc/stylesets/default.
Remove hard coded bodystruct path everywhere

Aerc usually used the path []int{1} if it didn't know what the proper path is.
However this only works for multipart messages and breaks if it isn't one.

This patch removes all the hard coding and extracts the necessary helpers to lib.
749dbb93 — Heiko Carrasco 1 year, 3 months ago
Use PushStatus instead of SetStatus where it makes sense
Add additional flagging functionality

More mail flags can now be set, unset, and toggled, not just the
read/seen flag.

This functionality is implemented with a new `:flag` and `:unflag`
command, which are extensions to the matching `:read` and `:unread`
commands, adding support for different flags.  In fact, the
`read`/`unread` commands are now recognized aliases to `flag`/`unflag`.
The new commands are also well documented in aerc(1).

The change mostly extends the previous read/unread setting functionality
by adding a selection for the flag to change.
Allow open to be asynchronous

This stops the ui being blocked while the resource is opened. The wait
ensures that resources are reclaimed when the process finishes while
aerc is still running.
pipe: don't crash if part is nil