Makefile: remove aerc-stylesets upon uninstall
notmuch: close tag object
propagate error from sendmail
reply: don't override the answered flag if we didn't send

Aerc just sent the true / false update regardless, meaning if someone already
replied to a mail, then drafted yet another mail to the same parent the flag
would vanish. This commit fixes this behaviour.
doc: fix typo in aerc man page
Update go-imap to latest commit

* return empty reader instead of nil when BODY is found but server returns nil
* utf7: fix package doc comment
* imap: lower some fields + content disposition keys
* remove "should not be called directly" comments and replaced them with links to the GitHub wiki pages
* backendutil: Improve Match function
* Write NIL for empty ENVELOPE fields
* readme: add NAMESPACE extension
* server: error when selecting should unselect
* Support NIL hierarchy delimiter
* backendutil: Implement message size and lines counting
* readme: update CI badge to only show status for commits
* Fix empty envelope address fields
* server: Return proper BAD response for cancelled SASL negotiation
* Replace empty string result in ErrStatusResp.Error
* Move ErrStatusResp to the root package
* Add MailboxInfoUpdate
* Fix BodyStructure fields documented as encoded
72d81ba6 — Seán C McCord 1 year, 11 days ago
doc: add oauth to aerc-smtp

Signed-off-by: Seán C McCord <ulexus@gmail.com>
Remove unused Simulator interface
fix comment in ParseAddressList

Go pre 1.15 parsed an empty string as an error, 1.15 did not but this was
unintentional as per https://github.com/golang/go/issues/40803

Fix the comment accordingly
dirlist: fix empty row if dir is added

There is a window where a new dir entry isn't yet in the dirlist.dir.
dirlist.ensureScroll however expected to always find a valid index.
Add a check so that we don't try to scroll to a -1 index.
Make mimetype check consistent across cases
correctly apply msglist_read color
handle message unknown charset error

This change handles message parse errors by printing the error when the
user tries to view the message. Specifically only handling unknown
charset errors in this patch, but there are many types of invalid
messages that can be handled in this way.

aerc currently leaves certain messages in the msglist in the pending
(spinner) state, and I'm unable to view or modify the message. aerc also
only prints parse errors with message when they are initially loaded.
This UX is a little better, because you can still see the header info
about the message, and if you try to view it, you will see the specific
update go-message
Fix color scheme for deleted emails

The color scheme for deleted emails should now match the old design,
making it easier to see when a message is deleted.

Signed-off-by: James Pond <james@cipher.host>
correct tcell.Style for underline
docs: link to styleset(7)
Revert "Upgrade tcell version to 1.4.0 to support truecolor"

This reverts commit 2ada00de1e682c43327d8cecf090b58528020ffc.
Upgrade tcell version to 1.4.0 to support truecolor
reply: use set instead of linear search