ref: d1ea18113533ae14818411725a692ffe4672e490 aerc/config/config.go -rw-r--r-- 10.0 KiB
Install default configs to XDG config if not found
Show account wizard if no accounts configured
New account wizard, part one
Use kebab-case for cred-cmds
Implement loading passwords from external commands

* Resolves #80
Implement ui.empty-message config option

Also removes some options that aren't going to be supported any time
Abort if accounts.conf is world readable

Fixes #32
Revert "Abort if accounts.conf is world readable"

This reverts commit a755608ef9d5893b68dc4c774bbda06503481552.
Revert "s/aerc.conf/address.conf/ in permission check"

This reverts commit 66ba099ca0bfa83cd050050d92663ec45da20141.
66ba099c — Cole Helbling 1 year, 5 months ago
s/aerc.conf/address.conf/ in permission check

Small typo in a recent commit: should abort if accounts.conf is world
readable, not aerc.conf.
Abort if accounts.conf is world readable

Fixes #32
Copy sent emails to the Sent folder

Or rather, to a user-specified folder
Add $EDITOR, internal config for compose
Add distinct keybindings for each compose view
Populate "From" header from config for new emails
Add outgoing account configuration
Use shell to execute filters, fix non-determinism
Improve plaintext.py
Implement header-regex-match filters
Add basic filter implementation
Handle no configured accounts gracefully

Instead of throwing a runtime error, when no accounts are configured in
accounts.conf, we provide an informative error message.