ref: d1ea18113533ae14818411725a692ffe4672e490 aerc/config/binds.conf -rw-r--r-- 1.8 KiB
Add :save and :pipe commands to viewer

* :save takes a path and saves the current message part to that location
* :pipe is the same as pipe on the account page, but uses the current
  message part rather than the whole email (ie :pipe gzip -d)
* Refactored account:pipe and extracted common pipe code to
* Added helper command aerc.PushError
Implement :edit in compose screen
binds.conf: make reply -a easier to use than reply
10a3d9d2 — Francis Dinh 1 year, 5 months ago
Bind :compose to C in binds.conf

The tutorial mentions using "C" for composing messages, but this was not
actually implemented in binds.conf.
Implement :next-part, :prev-part
Rename :delete-message et al to :delete et al
Change default bindings for replies
Change default reply keybindings
Fix default bindings for quit and edit
Move ! bind to [messages]
Add (non-functional) reply commands to bindings
Add ! to default keybindings
Add distinct keybindings for each compose view
Add initial compose widget
Add message view commands, :close
Update default config/binds.conf
Add context-specific keybindings