ref: d1ea18113533ae14818411725a692ffe4672e490 aerc/config/aerc.conf.in -rw-r--r-- 1.8 KiB
Subsitute prefix in aerc.conf for install
Install filters to /usr/share/aerc/filters
Remove unimplemented color configuration

Will probably end up doing this differently anyway
Implement ui.empty-message config option

Also removes some options that aren't going to be supported any time
Add $EDITOR, internal config for compose
Use better regex for identifying patches
Remove show-headers config option

This'll probably look different when we implement it
Remove unused config options

Which are not planned for eventual implementation
Remove key bindings from aerc.conf

These were moved to binds.conf
Add script for sandboxing w3m
Implement header-regex-match filters
Add basic filter implementation
Handle terminal title, login shell
Implement :next-tab, :prev-tab
Rename :cd -> :cf, add :cd
Rig up key bindings
Implement key bindings subsystem

Which is not yet rigged up
Load UI configuration