ref: a1467af03df18c01f7ac69f4bd787c53d2ff15f1 aerc/go.mod -rw-r--r-- 2.3 KiB
update go-imap-sortthread

Fixes a problem with "Missing Sort Criteria" because go-imap-sortthread
wasn't sending the sort request in an RFC compliant way. This has been
fixed in the latest commit.
update go-imap

This fixes the problem that when the header contains "undisclosed-recipients:;",
which got parsed by go-imap as "<undisclosed-recipients@>, <@>".
If we do reply all, aerc adds these malformed emails to the To: field.
imap: add sort support
Update go-imap to latest commit

* return empty reader instead of nil when BODY is found but server returns nil
* utf7: fix package doc comment
* imap: lower some fields + content disposition keys
* remove "should not be called directly" comments and replaced them with links to the GitHub wiki pages
* backendutil: Improve Match function
* Write NIL for empty ENVELOPE fields
* readme: add NAMESPACE extension
* server: error when selecting should unselect
* Support NIL hierarchy delimiter
* backendutil: Implement message size and lines counting
* readme: update CI badge to only show status for commits
* Fix empty envelope address fields
* server: Return proper BAD response for cancelled SASL negotiation
* Replace empty string result in ErrStatusResp.Error
* Move ErrStatusResp to the root package
* Add MailboxInfoUpdate
* Fix BodyStructure fields documented as encoded
update go-message
Revert "Upgrade tcell version to 1.4.0 to support truecolor"

This reverts commit 2ada00de1e682c43327d8cecf090b58528020ffc.
Upgrade tcell version to 1.4.0 to support truecolor
Update go-message, fixes various bugs

d262af7 (tag: v0.12.0) textproto: check header characters
5b97b1b Remove hz-gb-2312 encoding as it can crash
0e60ea0 writer: add Mime-Version header when missing
c512562 textproto: add Header.Raw and HeaderFields.Raw
4af4c77 textproto: Add HeaderFields.Len
f828d02 Add test converting an Entity to quoted-printable
8c6ac6b Add CreateInlineWriter to get a writer that allows alternatives, but no attachments.
fee642d (tag: v0.11.2) Fix incorrect line folding of RFC2047-encoded strings
9c4415e textproto: add limits for header field length and total amount of fields
46fe03d mail: add Message-Id test with IPv6 address
6c32091 textproto: add MultipartReader tests
9ce1b6f textproto: remove unused skipSpace function
a41879c mail: add tests for Header.{MessageID,MsgIDList}
82eb31c mail: add Header.MessageID and Header.MsgIDList
7e482a2 mail: add headerParser
40e7be6 textproto: minor doc improvements
f119d5f readme: remove stability badge
e48b6c5 mail: minor comments and docs improvements
8ade7dd textproto: add error on invalid header key
creak/pty got force pushed: fix version
dc281e46 — Guillaume J. Charmes 1 year, 5 months ago
Use stdout as controlling terminal

Soves an issue with go1.15 not letting ctty be a parent. See
https://github.com/creack/pty/pull/97 for more details.

Signed-off-by: Guillaume J. Charmes <git+guillaume@charmes.net>
Revert "Dont detach process under vterm"

This reverts commit d07cf6c667a0d497c67196fca9967db71c1e02f6.
d07cf6c6 — Guillaume J. Charmes 1 year, 5 months ago
Dont detach process under vterm

Signed-off-by: Guillaume J. Charmes <git+guillaume@charmes.net>
Bump ProtonMail/crypto to fix build on OpenBSD

Signed-off-by: Anirudh Oppiliappan <x@icyphox.sh>
Requires Go 1.13

We use errors.Is, which has been introduced in Go 1.13.
Initial support for PGP decryption & signatures
Update dependencies

This brings in some bug fixes.
Mark sent messages as "seen" in maildir

- Add maildir flags to complement a messages imap flags
- Set the "seen" flag on sent messages when using the maildir backend
- Cleanup AppendMessage interface to use models.Flag for both IMAP and
Contextual UI Configuration

+ Adds parsing of contextual ui sections to aerc config.
+ Add GetUiConfig method for AercConfig that is used to get the
  specialized UI config.
+ Add UiConfig method to AccountView to get specialized UI Config.
+ Modifies Aerc codebase to use specialized UIConfig instead.
+ Adds documentation for Contextual UI Configuration
686ca244 — Ben Fiedler 1 year, 9 months ago
Switch back to upstream pty library

The relevant change was merged upstream, and thus allows us to clean up
unneeded forks.
Update go-maildir to latest

This fixes an upstream issue where improperly named maildir files could
cause a panic. Now, we simply show an error and don't display the
message if the backing file is not named according to the maildir spec.