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notmuch/maildir: remove double emit of the dirinfo

There was some bug which could be worked around by double emitting an event.
However that proofed to be brittle:

We send the first message here from the worker goroutine:

Then Tick() is waked in the main goroutine and calls ProcessMessage:

ProcessMessage in the main goroutine reads types.Message state with
msg.getId() and msg.InResponseTo():

Meanwhile in the worker goroutine we call PostMessage for a second
time with a pointer that points to the *same* previous message that
ProcessMessage is reading:

The second PostMessage call makes writes to message while
ProcessMessage in the main goroutine is possibly reading:

This led to a data race in the event loop

Reported-By: Wagner Riffel <w@104d.net>
fe1cabb0 — ARaspiK 11 months ago
Add support for :rmdir

The `:rmdir` command removes the current directory (`-f` is required if
the directory is not empty).

This is not supported on the notmuch backend.

An issue with the maildir backend is that some sync programs (e.g.
offlineimap) may recover the directory after it is deleted.  They need
to specifically be configured to accept deletions, or special commands
need to be executed (e.g. `offlineimap --delete-folder`) to properly
delete folders.

A danger of using this on the IMAP backend is that it is possible for a
new message to be added to the directory and for aerc to not show it
immediately (due to a slow connection) - using `:rmdir` at this moment
(with `-f` if the directory already contains messages) would delete the
directory and the new message that just arrived (and all other
contents).  This is documented in aerc(1) so that users are aware of
possible risks.
maildir: Provide nicer error message on invalid url

If accounts.conf contains an invalid maildir url, return a nice
error instead of panicking.

Log a couple of different error cases to provide extra
information about the error to the user.
Only send directory info once from maildir

The directory info only needs to be sent once for all the messages, this
reduces unnecessary messages being sent which could lock up the ui.
Add additional flagging functionality

More mail flags can now be set, unset, and toggled, not just the
read/seen flag.

This functionality is implemented with a new `:flag` and `:unflag`
command, which are extensions to the matching `:read` and `:unread`
commands, adding support for different flags.  In fact, the
`read`/`unread` commands are now recognized aliases to `flag`/`unflag`.
The new commands are also well documented in aerc(1).

The change mostly extends the previous read/unread setting functionality
by adding a selection for the flag to change.
Set AnsweredFlag on successful reply
maildir: remove read handling from FetchMessageBodyPart
Count recent messages in maildir exists total too
Mark sent messages as "seen" in maildir

- Add maildir flags to complement a messages imap flags
- Set the "seen" flag on sent messages when using the maildir backend
- Cleanup AppendMessage interface to use models.Flag for both IMAP and
Update DirectoryInfo handling for maildir

This ensures that the directory info is up to date on events in the
maildir worker. This also sets up the initial dirinfo for other
directories and updates them when using built-in commands.

FS events are still only watched for the selected directory. This should
be changed in a future patch to watch other directories too in order to
cover UI updates for folders when an event occurs in a non-selected
Ensure new directory exists before unwatching old
Add sorting functionality

There is a command and config option. The criteria are a list of the
sort criterion and each can be individually reversed.

This only includes support for sorting in the maildir backend currently.
The other backends are not supported in this patch.
Add directory info messages

This populates the directory info model properly when requested,
allowing the fields to be relied upon elsewhere.

This also sends the dirinfo when new messages come in.
Add basic searching to the maildir backend

Basic searching is supported with the following:
- read messages
- unread messages
- from addresses
- text in body
- text in subject
- text in all

The implementation loops through all messages in the selected directory.
It tries to be smart by detecting which parts of each message the search
query needs to use and only loads these from the filesystem.
Clean maildirs when opened

This removes old aborted deliveries from the tmp directory.
Fix error handling in maildir worker
Register worker in init.

This allows backends which can't always be compiled due to missing
dependencies (say libnotmuch) to be compiled conditionally with buildflags.
maildir: Watch for new messages

When a directory is opened, start watching its "new" subdirectory for
incoming messages using the fsnotify library. When creation events are
detected, run the Unseen routine to move the message from new to cur and
add new UIDs to the store, updating the UI's list of directory contents
as we go.
Implement maildir copy

Create a delivery in the destination directory with the content of the
source message.
Add maildir backend worker

Add the initial implementation of a backend for Maildir accounts. Much
of the functionality required is implemented in the go-message and
go-maildir libraries, so we use them as much as possible.

The maildir worker hooks into a new maildir:// URL scheme in the
accounts.conf file which points to a container of several maildir
directories. From there, the OpenDirectory, FetchDirectoryContents, etc
messages work on subdirectories. This is implemented as a Container
struct which handles mapping between the symbolic email folder names and
UIDs to the concrete directories and file names.