ref: 0.3.0 aerc/commands/msg/pipe.go -rw-r--r-- 3.3 KiB
6838c234 — Wagner Riffel 2 years ago
all: purge redundant underscores

Signed-off-by: Wagner Riffel <wgrriffel@gmail.com>
8bb115db — Kevin Kuehler 2 years ago
commands: Don't crash when store is nil

On a slow network connection, running these commands without this guard
will cause aerc to panic.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Kuehler <keur@ocf.berkeley.edu>
Fix crashes when operating on empty folder (#216)
Fix :pipe -b actually writing to stdin
Fix re-opening of expired pipe tabs
:exec, :pipe: show exit status on completion
Add :exec and :pipe -b(ackground)
Make :pipe command more generic
2a096170 — Gregory Mullen 2 years ago
Implement basic tab completion support

Tab completion currently only works on commands. Contextual completion
will be added in the future.
dfe114b6 — Réouven Assouly 2 years ago
Make part encoding checks case insensitive

commands/msgview/save and commands/msgview/pipe now use case
insensitive comparisons to determine if the part is encoded as base64
or quoted-printable.
Add :save and :pipe commands to viewer

* :save takes a path and saves the current message part to that location
* :pipe is the same as pipe on the account page, but uses the current
  message part rather than the whole email (ie :pipe gzip -d)
* Refactored account:pipe and extracted common pipe code to
* Added helper command aerc.PushError