ref: 0.3.0 aerc/commands/msg d---------
Add Templates with Parsing

+ Changes NewComposer to return error.
+ Add lib to handle templates using "text/template".
+ Add -T option to following commands
    - compose.
    - reply
    - forward
+ Quoted replies using templates.
+ Forwards as body using templates
+ Default templates are installed similar to filters.
+ Templates Config in aerc.conf.
    - Required templates are parsed while loading config.
+ Add aerc-templates.7 manual for using template data.
Config for deleting message from message viewer

As suggested in #268, this adds a behaviour setting for
deleting message from message viewer.
Make commands join args with spaces

This patch ensures the following commands join their arguments with
spaces to make it easier to interact with:

- cf
- mkdir
- cd
- attach
- detach
- ct
- copy
- move
- save
Add completion for copy
Add signatures

This adds the ability for per-account signatures in the accounts.conf
config file. The signature is added to emails in the editor at the
bottom of the email. This includes when forwarding, replying to, and
composing emails.

There are two config options: signature-file and signature-cmd. The
former allows a signature to be read from a file and the latter allows
an arbitrary command to be executed to return the signature.

The config options have been documented in aerc-config
Add modify-labels command

This adds the event type as well as the command implementation, but no backend
supports it yet.
Check the subject line for lowercase re

This ensures that a message with e.g. "RE: " at the start won't get
another "Re: ".
Ensure mimetype parts are converted to lower case

This ensures that the check for a text message to use in the reply is
performed (more) correctly and so uses the plaintext more often.
6838c234 — Wagner Riffel 1 year, 10 months ago
all: purge redundant underscores

Signed-off-by: Wagner Riffel <wgrriffel@gmail.com>
Add forwarding as attachment feature

This allows a single message to be forward as attachment with the
:forward -a command
Add addresses argument to forward command
Move forward command to it's own file

The two commands did not have much code in common
Fix `unread` command

This fixes ~sircmpwn/aerc2#195. While `read -t` works fine.
The `unread` command is not wired. This patch fixes it.

b72bb27c — Aditya Srivastava 2 years ago
select next message when deleting from message viewer
Support configurable header layout in compose widget
Add space which was missing
Add :cp alias for :copy
Add an option to toggle between read and unread
Update status message to include destination
8bb115db — Kevin Kuehler 2 years ago
commands: Don't crash when store is nil

On a slow network connection, running these commands without this guard
will cause aerc to panic.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Kuehler <keur@ocf.berkeley.edu>