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Complete the F rune.

%F now shows the auth name or recepient name/address if the
message is from you.
Correct capitalization in quoted_reply
Add Templates with Parsing

+ Changes NewComposer to return error.
+ Add lib to handle templates using "text/template".
+ Add -T option to following commands
    - compose.
    - reply
    - forward
+ Quoted replies using templates.
+ Forwards as body using templates
+ Default templates are installed similar to filters.
+ Templates Config in aerc.conf.
    - Required templates are parsed while loading config.
+ Add aerc-templates.7 manual for using template data.
331b9151 — Luke Drummond 1 year, 26 days ago
Add support for AUTH LOGIN submission

`go-sasl` upstream added support [1] for the obsolete [2] AUTH LOGIN
method which enables aerc to send email via servers which remain common
in the wild.

Fixes ~sircmpwn/aerc2#263

[1] https://github.com/emersion/go-sasl/commit/61afe53d
[2] https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-murchison-sasl-login/
Config for deleting message from message viewer

As suggested in #268, this adds a behaviour setting for
deleting message from message viewer.
Change search flags

This changes the search flags for maildir and imap backends.

They now no longer use -t for searching all text. This seems to make
more sense as being the targeted recipient. I have similarly added Cc
for -c. The text search now resides under -a for all text.
Add documentation for sort

This adds documentation for the config option and the command.
Add search documentation for maildir backend
Add signatures

This adds the ability for per-account signatures in the accounts.conf
config file. The signature is added to emails in the editor at the
bottom of the email. This includes when forwarding, replying to, and
composing emails.

There are two config options: signature-file and signature-cmd. The
former allows a signature to be read from a file and the latter allows
an arbitrary command to be executed to return the signature.

The config options have been documented in aerc-config
Add modify-labels command

This adds the event type as well as the command implementation, but no backend
supports it yet.
Add display of unread messages in dirlist

Add an onUpdateDirs handler. This is used to invalidate the dirlist and
redraw with the correct number of recent/unread/total messages is shown.

A config option and formatting options are provided.
Add new search behaviour for imap

This patch adds search behaviour to allow searching in the body of the
messages, the entire text (body + header), and searching just the from
Allow custom spinner via config file

Allows to set `ui.spinner=` to a string which is then split by
`ui.spinner-delimiter=` (Default: comma) instead of having a hard coded

This implementation doesn't use INIs capabilities to split strings as
it trims whitespaces breaking the default animation.

Signed-off-by: Paul Spooren <mail@aparcar.org>
notmuch: add search / filter capabilities
extract search criteria parsing into the backends
ecd803aa — Christopher Vittal 1 year, 3 months ago
Add :prompt command

    :prompt <prompt> <command...>

Displays the prompt on the status bar, waits for user input, then
appends that input as the last argument to the command and executes it.
The input is passed as one argument to the command, unless it is empty,
in which case no extra argument is added.
folder filter: only assume regex if filter is ~fmt
Add forwarding as attachment feature

This allows a single message to be forward as attachment with the
:forward -a command
Add addresses argument to forward command
Support regex filters for folders

It's nice to be able to filter the folders displayed in the side
bar. Basic string matching can get verbose with enough folders

Signed-off-by: Daniel Xu <dxu@dxuuu.xyz>
Revert "add close command at global level"

This reverts commit f0a0c5aa733fa66958c113465bfc5fdd3d7cc9f0.