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Update README.md
0b14d92b — Lyle Hanson 2 years ago
Document collecting log output

Redirecting stdout writes log output to that file, but this wasn't
easily discoverable.

v2 removes changes to aerc-tutorial; I was also on the fence about that,
and agree that it isn't on-topic for the tutorial.

Addresses https://todo.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/aerc2/180
Update docs per filters rewrite
Clarify socksify dependency
Update README.md with better dependency list
Update to the latest go-libvterm
Add aerc-announce to README.md
Update README.md
Update README.md
Update README.md
Document dependencies
Add man pages
Add IRC link to README.md
Move aerc to dedicated mailing list
Update README.md
Add link to todo tracker
Add README.md, update license (MIT -2019)