Ring bell when new messages arrive

Add a "new-message-bell" option to the UI section of aerc.conf. A new
hook into the message store allows the msglist widget to detect new
messages being added to the displayed list. When new messages are
delivered, and the new-message-bell option is enabled (as it is by
default), the terminal will beep.
2804f000 — Kevin Kuehler 1 year, 11 months ago
lib/msgstore: Fix Select, Next, Prev with filter

When filter is active we want to use store.results instead of
store.uids, since we are dealing with a subset of the uids. Otherwise
any methods involving len will have undefined behavior.

Signed-off-by: Kevin Kuehler <keur@ocf.berkeley.edu>
Print errors from config load issues.

Currently we /dev/null stdout, if it is a tty.
The checkConfigPerms function, as well as the error print were incorrectly
writing to stdout and therefore weren't visible to most users.
Sendmail: allow for arbitrary parameters

Allows the outgoing command to contain arguments and flags
Add index option to change-tab

This allows selection of a tab using its index. It attempts to parse the
given argument as a number, if it fails then it uses it as a name.

Also supports relative indexes using prefixed + or -.
Add :detach command

Add a command for removing attachments from a composed message. Syntax
is :detach [path], with path being an optional argument specifying the
path of one existing attachment. If no path is specified, the first
attachment is removed.
Fix review message not filling entire space

Adding an attachment, switching to a different tab, and switching back
to the review message caused the "filled space" in the review message to
disappear, since there was one too many rows in the layout.
Add missing fallthrough
Update tcell
Update dependencies

A bug corrupting long In-Reply-To headers has been fixed upstream in
Implement sendmail support
Fix tabstrip over-drawing when not enough space

Tabstrip didn't take into account the width of the context. Now, it just
shows as many tabs as can fit and truncates the last one if necessary.

In future it probably would be best to ensure that the selected tab is
rendered on the screen.
Add tab completion to textinputs

This adds tab completion to textinput components. They can be configured
with a completion function. This function is called when the user
presses <tab>. The first completion is initially shown to the user
inserted into the text. Repeated presses of <tab> or <backtab> cycle
through the completions list. The completions list is invalidated when
any other non-tab-like key is pressed.

Also changed is some logic for current completion generation so that
all available commands are returned when <tab> is pressed with no
current text and similarly for arguments of commands.
Fix invalid tab state when deselecting removed tab
Add change-tab docs
Add command history and cycling

Aerc will keep track of the previous 1000 commands, which the user can
cycle through using the arrow keys while in the ex-line. Pressing up
will move backwards in history while pressing down will move forward.
Support configurable header layout in compose widget
Move msgstore map to dirstore

This map represents a mapping from directory names to their associated
messagestores anyway so they should be under dirstore. This simply moves
them there and adds some methods required to interact with them.
Add new-email trigger

This patch sets up the trigger config section of aerc.conf.

Each trigger has its own function which is called from the place where
it is triggered. Currently only the new-email trigger is implemented.

The triggers make use of format strings. For instance, in the new-email
trigger this allows the user to select the trigger command and also the
information extracted from the command and placed into their command.

To actually execute the trigger commands the keypresses are simulated.

Further triggers can be implemented in the future.

Formatting of the command is moved to a new package.
Show the directory being selected in gray