ensureScroll on text input frames
Implement scrolling in text input
Implement :forward
Fix special characters in address.PersonalName
Change ex command to C-x when using terminal
10a3d9d2 — Francis Dinh 1 year, 1 month ago
Bind :compose to C in binds.conf

The tutorial mentions using "C" for composing messages, but this was not
actually implemented in binds.conf.
Fix key value typo in documentation
Mention custom headers in aerc-tutorial(7)
1ec72f87 — Francis Dinh 1 year, 1 month ago
Minor fixes to list of filter dependencies

- "sockify" -> "socksify"
- Added colorama dependency
Makefile: Minor improvements, usage of $@ and $(RM)
Correct typo in Makefile
Install $(MANDIR)/man7
Install aerc-tutorial man page with make install
Minor improvements to aerc-tutorial
Install default configs to XDG config if not found
Add GOFLAGS variable to Makefile
Show account wizard if no accounts configured
Implement opening tutorial after account wizard
Write new accounts to config and open tab