msgview/save: Use defaultSavePath if no path is provided
add DefaultSavePath config
account-wizard: look up imap and smtp server by SRV records (#100)
worker/imap: rig up search directory handler
worker/imap: implement search
b15d1e52 — Issam Maghni 3 days ago
aerc-config: [viewer] should be [compose]
Fix Cc & Bcc handling in replies
Fix reply bindings in [view]
Makefile: fix -ldflags -X invocation

Aerc uses the go linker to add some variables like main.Prefix / main.ShareDir
etc. however the go linker only considers the last -ldflags invocation it seems.

This commit fixes the makefile to use only a single -ldflags invocation, which
again sets the vars as expected.
account-wizard: automatically replace imap.* with smtp.*

Many email providers use the imap sub-domain for imap and the smtp
sub-domain for smtp. FastMail is an example of this[1]. This is a small
quality-of-life improvement which automatically replaces imap.* with
smtp.* when going from the imap screen to the smtp screen in the wizard

53df15ae — Martin Hafskjold Thoresen 8 days ago
Insert nil check before handling prev/next message

If these are called before the store is setup, `acct.Store()` returns
`nil`, and we SEGFAULT in `MessageStore.nextPrev`.
Add aerc -v to print the installed version
ce475e49 — Réouven Assouly 9 days ago
commands/msgview: add open command
dfe114b6 — Réouven Assouly 10 days ago
Make part encoding checks case insensitive

commands/msgview/save and commands/msgview/pipe now use case
insensitive comparisons to determine if the part is encoded as base64
or quoted-printable.
1b779055 — Aditya Mahajan 11 days ago
Ensure that flags are set properly

The current implementation has three classes of flags:
- readFlag
- delFlag
- flaggedFlag

The logic to check for them should be in parallel if branches rather
than in sequential if-else ladder.
Update tcell
0b14d92b — Lyle Hanson 13 days ago
Document collecting log output

Redirecting stdout writes log output to that file, but this wasn't
easily discoverable.

v2 removes changes to aerc-tutorial; I was also on the fence about that,
and agree that it isn't on-topic for the tutorial.

imap: block until directory list is fully received

This fixes issues with INBOX mysteriously not being present at times
Set empty message in dirlist if no folder exist.
imap: respect the folder config option