README.md: add maintenance notice
lib/ui/textinput: Optimize ensureScroll
README: freenode -> libera.chat
notmuch/maildir: remove double emit of the dirinfo

There was some bug which could be worked around by double emitting an event.
However that proofed to be brittle:

We send the first message here from the worker goroutine:

Then Tick() is waked in the main goroutine and calls ProcessMessage:

ProcessMessage in the main goroutine reads types.Message state with
msg.getId() and msg.InResponseTo():

Meanwhile in the worker goroutine we call PostMessage for a second
time with a pointer that points to the *same* previous message that
ProcessMessage is reading:

The second PostMessage call makes writes to message while
ProcessMessage in the main goroutine is possibly reading:

This led to a data race in the event loop

Reported-By: Wagner Riffel <w@104d.net>
load config: do not overwrite the config upon error

It makes absolutely no sense to copy over the default template from aerc.conf
when the syntax is invalid and our ini parser fails.

The only valid case to do that is if the file is actually missing.
widgets/terminal: Only call vterm.ScreenCell.Attrs once in styleFromCell

This fixes a substantial performance issue when scrolling emails with
long/complicated contents, where scrolling down a single line can take
something like hundreds of ms before the screen is updated to reflect
the scroll. It's really bad if the email has lots of columns, e.g. like
if it's an html email that was passed through a filter (w3m, etc) to
render it.

Using pprof, I found that the multiple calls to vterm.ScreenCell.Attrs()
in styleFromCell were really really expensive. This patch replaces them
with a single call.

Here's a before and after with a simple, but very manual test of opening
a large email with contents that went through a w3m filter and
continuously scrolling up and down over and over for ~30 seconds:

*** Before:

      flat  flat%   sum%        cum   cum%   calls calls% + context
                                            28.25s   100% | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.PartSwitcher.Draw
         0     0% 99.94%     28.25s 82.31%                | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.PartViewer.Draw
                                            28.25s   100% | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.Terminal.Draw
                                            28.25s   100% | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.PartViewer.Draw
         0     0% 99.94%     28.25s 82.31%                | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.Terminal.Draw
                                            19.23s 68.07% | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.Terminal.styleFromCell
                                             6.04s 21.38% | github.x2ecom..z2fddevault..z2fgo..z2dlibvterm.Screen.GetCellAt
                                             1.38s  4.88% | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2flib..z2fui.Context.Printf
                                             0.62s  2.19% | runtime.mapassign
                                             0.43s  1.52% | runtime.mapaccess2
                                             0.20s  0.71% | runtime.newobject
                                             0.19s  0.67% | runtime.callers (inline)
                                             0.07s  0.25% | runtime.makeslice
                                             0.07s  0.25% | runtime.mallocgc
                                            19.23s   100% | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.Terminal.Draw
         0     0% 99.94%     19.23s 56.03%                | git.x2esr.x2eht..z2f..z7esircmpwn..z2faerc..z2fwidgets.Terminal.styleFromCell
                                            19.21s 99.90% | github.x2ecom..z2fddevault..z2fgo..z2dlibvterm.ScreenCell.Attrs

*** After:

      flat  flat%   sum%        cum   cum%   calls calls% + context
                                             0.31s   100% | git.x2esr.x2eht/~sircmpwn/aerc/widgets.Terminal.Draw
         0     0% 99.87%      0.31s  1.33%                | github.x2ecom/ddevault/go-libvterm.NewPos
                                             0.25s 80.65% | runtime.callers (inline)
                                             0.04s 12.90% | runtime.gomcache (inline)
                                             8.40s   100% | github.x2ecom/ddevault/go-libvterm.Screen.GetCellAt
         0     0% 99.87%      8.40s 36.11%                | github.x2ecom/ddevault/go-libvterm.Screen.GetCell
                                             7.14s 85.00% | github.x2ecom/ddevault/go-libvterm._cgoCheckPointer
                                             0.54s  6.43% | runtime.callers (inline)
                                             0.35s  4.17% | runtime.exitsyscall
                                             0.11s  1.31% | runtime.deferprocStack
                                             0.07s  0.83% | doentersyscall
                                             0.07s  0.83% | runtime.getg
                                             0.05s   0.6% | runtime.casgstatus
                                             0.03s  0.36% |   _init
                                             0.03s  0.36% | runtime.gomcache (inline)
                                             8.46s   100% | git.x2esr.x2eht/~sircmpwn/aerc/widgets.Terminal.Draw
         0     0% 99.87%      8.46s 36.37%                | github.x2ecom/ddevault/go-libvterm.Screen.GetCellAt
                                             8.40s 99.29% | github.x2ecom/ddevault/go-libvterm.Screen.GetCell
                                             0.06s  0.71% | runtime.callers (inline)
                                             0.31s   100% | git.x2esr.x2eht/~sircmpwn/aerc/widgets.Terminal.styleFromCell
         0     0% 99.87%      0.31s  1.33%                | github.x2ecom/ddevault/go-libvterm.ScreenCell.Attrs
config: proper error handle [filters] config

Instead of panic when compiling a regular expression, return it up

Signed-off-by: wagner riffel <w@104d.net>
fix typo in quoted reply template
templates: fixup error in template modification

The change of WrapText --> Wrap left the order of the arguments unchanged, which
is wrong.
3df88f70 — NĂ­colas F. R. A. Prado 3 years ago
templates: Use wrap instead of wrapText

bf0f72a533d5 ("template: add exec and wrap") introduced wrap which
allowed to chain wrapText. It also changed the aerc-templates man page
to document wrap instead of wrapText. The templates weren't updated
then, so update now.
add mimeType to OriginalMail struct for both forward and reply
FindFirstNonMultipart: return the proper path

There was a bug that lead to the wrong path being returned by the function.
send: fix missing error return
Fix linter warnings

* Remove redundant return (code was never reached)
* Remove redundant type information
* Rename unused function parameters to "_"
lib/parse: simplify parseAddressList
aerc: try to recover from a panic

As of now we crash fairly often. The problem is that we didn't run the cleanup
routine of the ui in this case, leaving the pty in a bad state.
Instead, recover from a panic and at least try to run the ui deinit.
maildir: don't read the full file into memory
notmuch: don't read the full file into memory
Makefile: use git version string if we can

Some packagers overwrote the version we embed in aerc, we really don't want that.
Hence we force clear the variable at the beginning of the makefile.
If git is available and returns a useful info we now use that version instead
of the hardcoded version
terminal: Add support for Shift+Tab