fix mailto parsing
Refactor send command
reply: add References header
imap: strip <> from message-ids
lib/parse: use go-message msgid parsing if it succeeds
allow the loading of existing headers
format: remove parse methods, use the one from go-message
compose: use a proper header instead of a string map

Prior to this commit, the composer was based on a map[string]string.
While this approach was very versatile, it lead to a constant encoding / decoding
of addresses and other headers.

This commit switches to a different model, where the composer is based on a header.
Commands which want to interact with it can simply set some defaults they would
like to have. Users can overwrite them however they like.

In order to get access to the functions generating / getting the msgid go-message
was upgraded.
models: add RFC822 headers to OriginalMail
rename header to heditors
templates: Remove ParseTemplate as it's unused
remove models.Address in favor of go-message Address

We made a new type out of go-message/mail.Address without any real reason.
This suddenly made it necessary to convert from one to the other without actually
having any benefit whatsoever.
This commit gets rid of the additional type
version bump: 0.5.2
makefile: add debug target
Check account's from value is not empty

This leads to a nasty 'mail: no address' message for each email if left
empty so the user really should enter it.
templates: better error message
update the makefile version
a1467af0 — Daniel Sockwell 28 days ago 0.5.0
Document pin-tab and unpin-tab commands

The `pin-tab` and `unpin-tab` global commands were added in 3156d48
but were not previously documented.  This documents them in aerc.1.
I added them with the other tab commands, which appeared to be grouped
as a logical unit.
Apply relevant msglist styles in order

Allow styles to be layered over a base style. The list of styles to
apply is layered over the base style in order, such that if the layer
does not differ from the base it is not used. The order that these
styles are applied in is, from first to last:

msglist_read    (exclusive with unread, so technically the same level)

So, msglist_marked style dominates.

This fixes an issue where the msglist_deleted style was not being applied.
update go-imap-sortthread

Fixes a problem with "Missing Sort Criteria" because go-imap-sortthread
wasn't sending the sort request in an RFC compliant way. This has been
fixed in the latest commit.
update go-imap

This fixes the problem that when the header contains "undisclosed-recipients:;",
which got parsed by go-imap as "<undisclosed-recipients@>, <@>".
If we do reply all, aerc adds these malformed emails to the To: field.