c48f228fa5ac57984af78e19713929224874aa8b — Reto Brunner 8 months ago dadc9bf
notmuch: rename method to SetFlag
2 files changed, 5 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

M worker/notmuch/message.go
M worker/notmuch/worker.go
M worker/notmuch/message.go => worker/notmuch/message.go +4 -4
@@ 64,9 64,9 @@ func (m *Message) NewBodyPartReader(requestedParts []int) (io.Reader, error) {
	return lib.FetchEntityPartReader(msg, requestedParts)

// SetOneFlag adds or removes a single flag from the message.
// SetFlag adds or removes a flag from the message.
// Notmuch doesn't support all the flags, and for those this errors.
func (m *Message) SetOneFlag(flag models.Flag, enable bool) error {
func (m *Message) SetFlag(flag models.Flag, enable bool) error {
	// Translate the flag into a notmuch tag, ignoring no-op flags.
	var tag string
	switch flag {

@@ 120,12 120,12 @@ func (m *Message) SetOneFlag(flag models.Flag, enable bool) error {

// MarkAnswered either adds or removes the "replied" tag from the message.
func (m *Message) MarkAnswered(answered bool) error {
	return m.SetOneFlag(models.AnsweredFlag, answered)
	return m.SetFlag(models.AnsweredFlag, answered)

// MarkRead either adds or removes the maildir.FlagSeen flag from the message.
func (m *Message) MarkRead(seen bool) error {
	return m.SetOneFlag(models.SeenFlag, seen)
	return m.SetFlag(models.SeenFlag, seen)

// tags returns the notmuch tags of a message

M worker/notmuch/worker.go => worker/notmuch/worker.go +1 -1
@@ 402,7 402,7 @@ func (w *worker) handleFlagMessages(msg *types.FlagMessages) error {
			w.err(msg, err)
		if err := m.SetOneFlag(msg.Flag, msg.Enable); err != nil {
		if err := m.SetFlag(msg.Flag, msg.Enable); err != nil {
			w.w.Logger.Printf("could not set flag %v as %v for message: %v", msg.Flag, msg.Enable, err)
			w.err(msg, err)