a1467af03df18c01f7ac69f4bd787c53d2ff15f1 — Daniel Sockwell 1 year, 10 months ago f9bba3d 0.5.0
Document pin-tab and unpin-tab commands

The `pin-tab` and `unpin-tab` global commands were added in 3156d48
but were not previously documented.  This documents them in aerc.1.
I added them with the other tab commands, which appeared to be grouped
as a logical unit.
1 files changed, 8 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

M doc/aerc.1.scd
M doc/aerc.1.scd => doc/aerc.1.scd +8 -0
@@ 78,6 78,14 @@ These commands work in any context.
	Cycles to the previous or next tab in the list, repeating n times
	(default: 1).

	Moves the current tab to the left of all non-pinned tabs and displays
	the *pinned-tab-marker* (default: `) to the left of the tab title.

	Removes the *pinned-tab-marker* from the current tab and returns the tab
	to its previous location.

*prompt* <prompt> <command...>
	Displays the prompt on the status bar, waits for user input, then appends
	that input as the last argument to the command and executes it. The input is