A C# library for IRC (RFC 1459 & 2812)
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A C# library for chatting on an IRC (Internet Relay Protocol) network.

Supports a lot of RFC 1459 and a little of 2812.

#Example Usage

var client = new IrcClient("irc.freenode.net", new IrcUser("ChatSharp", "ChatSharp"));

client.ConnectionComplete += (s, e) => client.JoinChannel("#botwar");

client.ChannelMessageRecieved += (s, e) =>
    var channel = client.Channels[e.PrivateMessage.Source];

    if (e.PrivateMessage.Message == ".list")
        channel.SendMessage(string.Join(", ", channel.Users.Select(u => u.Nick)));
    else if (e.PrivateMessage.Message.StartsWith(".ban "))
        if (!channel.UsersByMode['@'].Contains(client.User))
            channel.SendMessage("I'm not an op here!");
        var target = e.PrivateMessage.Message.Substring(5);
        client.WhoIs(target, whois => channel.ChangeMode("+b *!*@" + whois.User.Hostname));


while (true) ; // Waste CPU cycles


On Linux/Mac:

xbuild /p:Configuration=Release

On Windows, use Visual Studio or similar and build in Release mode.

Regardless of platform, you'll receive binaries in ChatSharp/bin/Release/. ChatSharp has no dependencies.


Open a Github issue describing your problem.

#Development / Contributing

ChatSharp is developed with the following workflow:

  1. Nothing happens for weeks/months/years
  2. Someone needs it to do something it doesn't already do
  3. That person implements that something and submits a pull request
  4. Repeat

If it doesn't have a feature that you want it to have, add it! The code isn't that scary.