0.5.3 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Fix Coder on map with transform_keys, fix delegate require

0.5.2 10 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Require the latest multihashes

Contains fixes that I've been using in development all along anyway, so should
be required for the gem.

0.5.1 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Fix to work under Ruby 2.6+


* Fix method_missing reliance on method named `then` which broke in Ruby 2.6

0.5.0 2 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Update to dhall-lang 0.10.0

Breaking Changes

* Version of dhall-lang supported: 0.10.0
* Fix to require imports to type-check with an empty context


* Fix stack level too deep for long multiline string

New Features

* `make unit` now stops after the first failure

0.4.0 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Update to dhall-lang 0.9.0, dhall-compile -c, etc

Breaking Changes

* Version of dhall-lang supported: 0.9.0
* Dhall::Expression#to_binary now includes the self-describe CBOR tag
* Dhall::Coder will translate values of type List { mapKey = k, mapValue = v }
to Hash
* Method#as_dhall now equivalent to method.to_proc.as_dhall
* Import resolution follows redirects now (was a bug)


* Some operator normalizations were commuting when the standard
normalization would not
* Multiline strings now consider an all-whitespace last line when
stripping indentation
* Fix for Dhall::EmptyList#join

New Features

* New FunctionProxyRaw and RubyObjectRaw can allow easily folding a
Dhall expression into a non-Dhall Ruby object (undocumented)
* Dhall::Types module for common types
* dhall-compile -c produces a folder compatible with the standard dhall
filesystem cache

0.3.0 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Coder + multiline string improvements. Bugfixes

Breaking Changes

* as_dhall on array now flattens nested unions if they would be generated
* as_dhall now uses Dhallish names for tags on generated unions for all
elements that can be represented untagged
* as_dhall only adds hash to tag name when needed
* Coder treats all Dhallish tags as extractable instead of trying to revive
* Coder strips any underscore-then-sha256hex suffix from a tag when reviving


* Coder decode on Proc works now
* Fix for substitution on LetBlock/LetIn
* Fix typechecking partially-applied builtins
* Fix "stack level too deep" on long multiline comment
* Fix for typechecking lists where elements had different, but compatible,
* Fix for IP address parsing in imports (from upstream)

New Features

* Tabs and blank lines allowed in multiline strings (standard version
v7.0.0-21-g092996d now supported)
* Self-describe CBOR tag allowed anywhere
* as_dhall for Proc, cannot be serialized but useful for calling Dhall function
* dhall-compile: new command to resolve, normalize, and seralize whole
directories of Dhall code

0.2.0 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Update to dhall-lang 0.7.0, add Dhall::Coder, etc

Breaking Changes

* Version of dhall-lang supported: 0.7.0
* Parse environment variable import contents as expressions, not just
paths (was a bug)
* Dhall.load defaults to a 10 second timeout and max import depth of 50
* Dhall.load and imports now treat the value as UTF-8 source text if the
bytes are valid UTF-8 and there are no control characters
* Standard resolver now refuses to import binary expressions by default
* Standard resolver now uses the standard disk cache by default
* Builtin types are now Dhall::Builtins[:Bool] etc
* String#as_dhall now encodes to List Natural if it is a binary string
* Symbol#as_dhall now encodes as < symbol > instead of < Symbol = {=} >
* OpenStruct#as_dhall no longer includes type annotations for all
* Object#as_dhall now uses #encode_with if present

New Features

* Dhall::Builtins[:Name_of_builtin] to get any builtin (type or
* yaml-to-dhall can translate Symbol
* Dhall.load now calls to_s on its argument (should allow passing a
Pathname, for example)
* Resolver readers and caches can return Expression instances directly
instead of bytes to parse
* Dhall::Coder (see README)
* Dhall.load takes an optional timeout parameter
* Resolvers now take optional max_depth and cache parameters

0.1.0 3 years ago .tar.gz browse log

Initial release

This release conform to dhall-lang standard version v6.0.0-29-gd317261,
but in practise should work with most v6.0.0 expressions.