ref: 1f61d1688557fd1b677bfba9b9641fab47a135c5 dhall-ruby/test/test_normalization.rb -rw-r--r-- 2.8 KiB
Update and run latest alpha-normalization tests
Speed up tests by not resolving when not needed
Run all dhall-lang tests for normalization
Anything we'll eventually run is a skip
Use path like names in more tests
Binary encoding

Every AST node uses as_json to express the generic structure for
encoding itself.  Expression aliases as_cbor to as_json by default and
then uses as_cbor in to_cbor (aliased as to_binary).

This design is because we need to override the encoding of Double for
CBOR, but want to keep the normal Float value for as_json in case that
is used directly (to avoid surprising the user).
Run all tests on CI
Tests are long for good reasons
Alpha normalization

Internal flag to disable for acceptance tests from the standard (which
assume beta-only normalization in some cases).  Otherwise, just always
alpha normalize as we go.
Migrate to dhall-langv6.0.0
Pass most compliance tests

No import or multiline string support yet
Beta normalization complete
Implement "shift" function for variable indices
Start creating comprehensive normalization tests

Take all the rules from semantics.md and turn each into a trivial test
case for that rule.  This allows TDD creation of the implementation of
the rules.