Never include SMIL, even if marked as attachment
Plain text attachment might be body of MMS
Make the + optional

Google Fi at least doesn't send it in headers
Ignore messages with no content type

They are status updates and other junk
Dedup to

Google Voice puts the number in both to and cc for some reason...
Fix for new purebred-email
Convert MM4 mails to Bandwidth MMS JSON and send to a webhook
Expose some of the email helpers for use elsewhere
Update to latest purebred-email
Ignore dist-newstyle for lint
Add to and cc headers as XEP-0033
Extract and store email attachments and related media parts
jabber:iq:gateway working against my local Gajim
vcard-temp for the gateway

Includes needed license information.
Add install instructions to README
We need newer purebred-email