CHICKEN Scheme tools to work with the Transmission BitTorrent client
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Useful programs built on top of transmission.scm to interact with/control a Transmission daemon.


Filter and list torrents sorted by descending upload ratio. Useful to find the most seeded torrents when you need to free up some disk space, or want to choose the next thing to watch/read before deleting.


Add, get, remove, and set labels of the given torrent(s). Not as useful now that transmission-remote shows a torrent's labels (-i/--info), and has an option to change a torrent's labels (-L/--labels), but still easier to use.


Update the priority (low, normal, high) of torrents depending on upload ratio. The default values were chosen to my liking, to make my life easier, so I just have something like this set on my crontab to run hourly:

transmission-update-seed-priority -ne --skip-label TRMOTE-NO_AUTO_PRIORITY


Verify torrents, but trying to maximize "uptime" (upload/download). Simply asks Transmission to verify a torrent, waits for it to finish (with active polling), and asks to verify the next one. Different sorting parameters and combinations may be used to customize the order of the torrents to be verified. As of now, the parameters are: id (ascending); latest activity (descending, most recent first); priority (descending); progress percentage (descending); queue position (ascending); upload ratio (ascending); status (verifying, waiting to verify, seeding, downloading, waiting to seed, waiting to download, stopped); total size (ascending); progress percentage times total size (i.e. downloaded size, ascending). New parameters can be added easily (requires recompiling). The default sorting parameters are (as of now) status, priority, latest activity, upload ratio, progress percentage times total size. For more details, check the NOTEs comments.

On my crontab I have something like this set to run monthly:

transmission-verify -ne --daemon --logfile /path/to/transmission-verify.log