CHICKEN Scheme library for the Kubo RPC API
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CHICKEN Scheme library for the Kubo RPC API, the reference IPFS node implementation.

This document will serve as implementation documentation. For user documentation take a look at the CHICKEN wiki page

#Updating endpoints

I'll try to keep this library up-to-date with the latest Kubo release. For most updates only the endpoints need any changes (adding/removing endpoints and/or parameters). This section documents the best process I've found so far.

The relevant Kubo source code is on the main repo at core/commands. The source of the API page is on the docs repo at docs/reference/kubo/rpc.md.

It's helpful to see the diff between versions, so clone the docs repo and git log -- docs/reference/kubo/rpc.md. Try to find the last commit of the previous version (usually stated on the commit message; git log --grep may help) and then git diff $COMMIT..main -- docs/reference/kubo/rpc.md, assuming main already has the docs for the latest release.

Unfortunately, some changes look like deletes and you have to scroll down to find the related additions. This process is very manual, but is still better than going over the whole API page.

In case there's nothing to change in the egg for the latest Kubo version, update only the Wiki page.

#Examples & Low-level differences

Mainly documenting for myself, to compare the library and the ipfs command, but also serve to show some uses of the library and the equivalents of the ipfs command.

Results are in the requests/ directory, named <cmd>.<impl>.txt, where <cmd> is the name of the command and <impl> is either ipfs (the ipfs command) or chicken (this library).

Just used netcat for this, as is suggested by IPFS API Implementation Doc:

nc -q 1 -l 5006

# And in another terminal
ipfs --api /ip4/ # ...

And for this library:

(parameterize ((*port* 5006))
  ; ...

#add (add)

ipfs add --pin=false --cid-version=1 ipfs.scm
(add #:writer (writer/file "ipfs.scm") #:pin #f #:cid-version 1)

#pin ls (pin_ls)

The file ipfs.scm has (as of now) CIDv1 bafkreicd47ynzf6it5ssdwryvhksy6ylm4s42jlwzjbxhv5zlkw6mwbooq.

ipfs pin ls bafkreicd47ynzf6it5ssdwryvhksy6ylm4s42jlwzjbxhv5zlkw6mwbooq
(pin/ls #:path "bafkreicd47ynzf6it5ssdwryvhksy6ylm4s42jlwzjbxhv5zlkw6mwbooq")

#Exporting endpoints to Lua

This library is used as the "source of truth" for ipfs.lua. To generate the Lua endpoints file run csi -s export-to-lua.scm > /path/to/ipfs-endpoints.lua (no need to install any dependencies or compile anything).