A tool to tag it all !
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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


A tool to tag it all !

#install & build

git clone https://git.sr.ht/~siegfriedehret/tagzytout
cd tagzytout

#how to

In your commits messages, add a line like this:

tagzytout: my-tag-name

tagzytout finds the line that starts with tagzytout: and extracts the following tag name, used to create a tag on that commit.

To add a message to the tag, use this:

tagzytout: my-tag-name
My awesome release notes:
- something
- blah

Then, run the tool like this in your git folder:



⚠️ if you have multiple commits with the same tag, the tag will be applied on the most recent commit.

#it works on my computer

True story.

You'll have to push your tags manually, after checking everything is ok !



Licenced under the WTFPL, see details here.



I worked on a previous version of the Sfeir school Node.js and instead of an insane branch model or tons of folders (currently used), I chose tags to identify the different steps and did not want to add them back manually when I needed to fix something early in the commit history.