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#beulogue multiple languages template

This is a template for beulogue.


Download the multiple-languages branch from GitHub:

git clone -b multiple-languages https://github.com/SiegfriedEhret/beulogue-templates.git

Or from sourcehut:

git clone -b multiple-languages https://git.sr.ht/~siegfriedehret/beulogue-templates

#What's inside ?

You will find something like this:

├── _index.md
├── _index.fr.md
├── my-awesome-post.md
├── my-awesome-post.fr.md
├── list.html
└── page.html


Install the last version of beulogue.

Run beulogue from the folder where you see the beulogue.yml file.

Please refer to the documentation for more info, for example:


Licenced under the MIT Licence.