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Show --target and checkout in README
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@@ 11,7 11,7 @@ It allows to clone multiple repositories as described by configuration file, and
% src-tree clone config.yaml --root ./root
% mkdir root/build
% # populate root/build with dependencies
% src-tree link config.yaml --root ./root --builddir build
% src-tree link config.yaml --root ./root --builddir build --targetdir result

For a following configuration file

@@ 27,7 27,16 @@ repositories:
This would produce a following directory tree minus `xxx` and `zzz` contents.

./root/xxx/build -> ./root/build
./root/zzz/build -> ./root/build
./root/xxx/build -> ./root/result
./root/zzz/build -> ./root/result

Having applied some changes to the tree, you may want to synchronize it with the origin.
It can be done with

% src-tree checkout config.yaml

It would fetch changes from origin and checkout to them, optionally resetting any dirty files.