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Always fetch, fix command description
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M src-tree
M README.md => README.md +4 -6
@@ 9,8 9,8 @@ It allows to clone multiple repositories as described by configuration file, and

% src-tree clone config.yaml --root ./root
% mkdir root/build
% # populate root/build with dependencies
% mkdir root/result
% # populate root/result with dependencies
% src-tree link config.yaml --root ./root --builddir build --targetdir result

@@ 32,11 32,9 @@ This would produce a following directory tree minus `xxx` and `zzz` contents.
./root/zzz/build -> ./root/result

Having applied some changes to the tree, you may want to synchronize it with the origin.
It can be done with
Sometimes the working tree gets dirty or stale.
You can fetch & checkout to the latest copy with

% src-tree checkout config.yaml

It would fetch changes from origin and checkout to them, optionally resetting any dirty files.

M src-tree => src-tree +4 -1
@@ 109,7 109,10 @@ class SrcTree(object):
                if args.force:
                    print(f'Setting origin url to \'{url}\'')
                    repo.remotes.origin.url = url
                    raise Exception('Origin does not match the origin specified in configuration file')


            if branch not in repo.heads:
                print(f'Branch \'{dir.relative_to(Path.cwd())}:{branch}\' does not exist, creating')