v0.0.4 10 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release v0.0.4

- wl-parse: Unfold description text to paragraph-per-linebreak
- wl-parse: Trim per-line leading whitespace of copyright text
- Signal wl-message-error on message length, opcode, or proxy version
- Expand on documentation

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Release v0.0.3

- Consolidate sockets system into wire layer
- Reorg ASDF systems
  - #:wayflan-client for client-specific code
  - #:wayflan synonym for both #:wayflan-client and (in the future)
- Add ASDF component :wayflan-client-impl
  - Takes a protocol XML file as input and generates a lisp file
    pointing to it on load-op, compile-op
- Add new package #:wayflan for client-nonspecific symbols
  - All external symbols in #:wayflan are used and reexported in
- Define CLOS classes, wl-scan for Wayland protocol documents
- Define error condition heirarchy
  - wl-error for all errors
  - wl-socket-error for socket-layer failures
  - wl-message-error for malformed messages
  - wl-server-error for wl_display::error events

v0.0.2 11 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Release v0.0.2

- Remove extra ] in README demo links
- Move to revised cl-xkb API
- Microoptimizations in client and wire
- Thicken up the docs, focus on Getting Started intro
- Use babel to support UTF-8 in Wayflan strings
- client: Export wl-enum-value, wl-enum-keyword
- Add Wayruler example
- Remove wasteful frame callbacks on event-based examples
- Update protocols to wayland-1.21.0, wayland-protocols-1.27

v0.0.1 11 months ago .tar.gz browse log

Initial release

This version contains a working Wayland client with documentation, an
API reference, and a collection of examples. It should have enough
tooling for anyone proficient in Common Lisp and Wayland to be able to
pick up.