9443da23bcda0a2bd727aed675f92ee7d3c51802 — Samuel Hunter 7 months ago 3387b66 master
Add trivial-features

Recommended by Ron, who was kind enough to author the previous two
commits adding support for OpenBSD and Darwin.

This change ensures all impl's supported by trivial-features will also
include the feature flags :DARWIN and :OPENBSD.
2 files changed, 3 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)

M ffi/grovel.lisp
M posix-shm.asd
M ffi/grovel.lisp => ffi/grovel.lisp +1 -3
@@ 74,9 74,7 @@
  (st-ctim "st_ctim" :type timespec)
  (st-atim "st_ctimespec" :type timespec)

  (st-atim "st_ctimespec" :type timespec))

(constantenum c-error
  ((:eacces "EACCES")

M posix-shm.asd => posix-shm.asd +2 -1
@@ 16,7 16,8 @@
  :mailto "\~\s\h\u\n\t\e\r\/\p\u\b\l\i\c\-\i\n\b\o\x\@\l\i\s\t\s\.\s\r\.\h\t"

  :depends-on (#:posix-shm/ffi
  :serial t
  :components ((:file "shm"))