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Quickfixing Bad Test

A badly-formed automated test gave a false negative on Clozure CL. The
test has been fixed and the suite is manually tested on SBCL 2.2.5, CCL
1.12.1, and ECL 21.2.1.

- Fix #> test fail on CCL-1.2 or later

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Quicklisp-ready Library

This first version was spawned overnight and revised after running it
through a couple friends and places, ready to be introduced to

- Create reader macro **mstring-reader** with two modes for reading
  blocks of text
- Literal block modes interpret line breaks as literal line breaks
- Folding block modes fold multiple lines into one and space-separates
  them instead
- Trim the trailing whitespace of each line
- Treat escaped whitespace as non-whitespace and leave them untrimmed
- Escaped newlines concatenate two lines together
- Added test suite a la Parachute