Common Lisp port of input-event-codes.h from both Linux and FreeBSD
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#Input Event Codes

Quicklisp status

This little library is a port of all constants found in input-event-codes.h, an event code header file found on both Linux and FreeBSD.

(require :input-event-codes)

;; Print all constants and their values
(do-external-symbols (sym :input-event-codes)
  (format t "~S = ~D" sym (symbol-value sym)))

;; Convoluted example...
(defun handle-button-event (code pressed-p)
  (when (= btn input-event-codes:+btn-left+)

There is currently only support for Linux and FreeBSD. The library uses trivial-features to conditionally load the appropriate constant set. If this or a similar header is found in other operating systems, please let me know and I will add them. :)

#Native Documentation

The Linux Kernel docs provides an outline over all the event code constants.

#OS Differences

  • +sw-max+ and +sw-cnt+ is #xf and #x10 respectively on FreeBSD, but #x10 and #x11 respectively on Linux.

These constants are available on Linux only:

  • +key-sidevu-sonar+
  • +key-all-applications+
  • +key-autopilot-engage-toggle+
  • +key-clearvu-sonar+
  • +key-dual-range-radar+
  • +key-fishing-chart+
  • +key-previous-element+
  • +key-notification-center+
  • +key-brightness-menu+
  • +key-nav-chart+
  • +key-radar-overlay+
  • +key-dictate+
  • +key-mark-waypoint+
  • +key-nav-info+
  • +key-single-range-radar+
  • +sw-machine-cover+
  • +key-sos+
  • +key-traditional-sonar+
  • +key-next-element+
  • +key-hangup-phone+
  • +key-fn-right-shift+
  • +key-pickup-phone+
  • +key-emoji-picker+