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A library for communication to servers through the Gemini protocol.

**NOTE:** gemini-request (and the main project
[retrorocket](https://sr.ht/~shunter/retrorocket/)) has been defunct
since November 29, 2020 (Gemini v0.14.3). This project was not meant
to be a serious, maintained library, but rather to help in developing
Retrorocket to see if the UI toolkit McCLIM is a good match for me.


Project Gemini is a semi-recent internet protocol project that

@@ 56,7 62,7 @@ Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

;; You can use puri:uri objects as well.
* (gemini-request (make-instance 'puri:uri 
* (gemini-request (make-instance 'puri:uri
                                 :host "example.com"
                                 :path "about"))

@@ 78,7 84,7 @@ Goodbye.

;; You can configure your proxy:
* (gemini-request "//example.com" :proxy "proxy.example.com")
* (gemini-request "//example.com" 
* (gemini-request "//example.com"
                  :proxy '("proxy-example.com" 8000))
* (let ((*gemini-default-proxy* "proxy-example.com"))
    (gemini-request "//example.com"))