Decode the Gemini Protocol's gemtext markup into structured data.
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A library for decoding the Gemini Protocol's gemtext markup into structured data.

NOTE: cl-gemtext (and the main project retrorocket) has been defunct since November 29, 2020 (Gemini v0.14.3). This project was not meant to be a serious, maintained library, but rather to help in developing Retrorocket to see if the UI toolkit McCLIM is a good match for me.

Project Gemini is a relatively recent (and actively developed) internet protocol protject that describes itself as somewhere between Gopher and the convnetional Web. Much like how HTML is the native respones format for HTTP, Gemini houses its own native response -- a markup format named "gemtext", which is parsed line-by-line. If you're unfamiliar with Project Gemini and want to learn more, I recommend reading the de-facto homepage in HTTP or in Gemini (Mozz.us Proxy).

You could use this protocol if you would like to develop a gemini client to format gemtext pages into rich text. The specification was small enough that I was able to read it and implement a parser in a couple days of hacking, but this is still a brand spanking new library, bound to sport a few hidden bugs. Feel free to issue a report for behavioral bugs, incorrect/unclear documentation, or send over a pull request for anything you think would improve it.

#Quick Usage

Drop this project in a place that ADSF can see it - I personally develop this library in ~/quicklisp/local-projects/ so that you can use quicklisp to pull in its dependencies, alexandria and cl-unicode.

* (require :cl-gemtext)
* (use-packge :gemtext)

;; Read the first line from a stream
* (with-input-from-string (stream
    "=>gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/ Hello World!")
    (decode-gemtext-line stream))
#<GT-LISTITEM HREF="gemini://gemini.circumlunar.space/" LABEL="Hello world!">
* (values (gt-href *) (gt-label *)) ;; Access its attributes via gt-*
"Hello world!"

;; Its default stream is the exported *gemtext-input*, which by
;; default is a synonym string to *standard-input*:
* (with-input-from-string (*gemtext-input* "> How about a quote?")
#<GT-QUOTE TEXT="How about a quote?">

;; Read from a string
* (decode-gemtext-line-from-string "# Headings!")
#<GT-HEADING LEVEL=1 TEXT="Headings!">

;; Regular text lines are returned as a standard string.
* (decode-gemtext-line-from-string "Just regular text.")
"Just regular text."

;; Read an entire document with decode-gemtext or
;; decode-gemtext-from-string
* (decode-gemtext-from-string "# A heading
## A sub-heading
### A sub-sub-heading")
(#<GT-HEADING LEVEL=1 "A heading">
 #<GT-HEADING LEVEL=2 "A sub-heading">
 #<GT-HEADING LEVEL=3 "A sub-sub-heading">)
;; Finally, remove automatic whitespace trimming:
* (decode-gemtext-from-string ">   Lots of whitespace   ")
#<GT-QUOTE TEXT="Lots of whitespace">
* (decode-gemtext-from-string ">   Lots of whitespace   " nil)
#<GT-QUOTE TEXT="   Lots of whitespace   ">