all: update dependencies
_doc: add some introduction in the README and index

Show what the HTTP log looks like, how it stored, and how it can be used.
go.mod: update all dependencies
all: add task to preview the documentation
all: add symlink for README

Without symlink, GitHub will render repository page as plain text
instead of AsciiDoc.
all: group all documents into directory _doc
Release haminer v0.2.0 (2022-08-20)

This release relicensing the software to GPLv3, add support for forwarding
logs to InfluxDB v2 and questdb [1].

[1] https://questdb.io.

Signed-off-by: Shulhan <ms@kilabit.info>
all: restructure the README

While at it, mention how to install it using pre-build Arch Linux
package through build.kilabit.info.
_AUR: add package build for Arch Linux
all: relicensing the haminer to GPL v3

See https://kilabit.info/journal/2022/gpl/ for more information.
all: update README

This changes convert the README to AsciiDoc format, add section about
configuring forwarder using questdb.
all: implement forwarder for questdb

Questdb [1] is one the time-series database.
We experiment to forward the HTTP log using Influx Line Protocol (ILP).

[1]: https://questdb.io/
all: make the forwarders configuration fields to be generic

Instead of single forwarder, Influxd, the Config struct now can have
one or more forwarders.
The kind of forwarders is defined by it subsection name, for example
`[forwarder "influxd"]` defined a forwarder for influxd.
all: add task to run test on make
all: rename struct InfluxdConfig to ConfigForwarder

Later we will have multiple forwarders, not only influxd.
all: move handling signal to main program

It is up to the user of haminer library (in this case the cmd/haminer)
on how to Start and Stop the process, not at the library level.
all: rename struct type Halog to HttpLog

Halog contains parsed HTTP log, so its make more readable if we rename
the type name.
all: move repository to git.sr.ht/~shulhan/haminer
all: remove unused constants
all: rename influxdb.go to influxd_client.go