v0.12.0 4 months ago

Release awwan v0.12.0 (2024-02-08)

=== Breaking changes

* all: refactoring "env-set" arguments

  Previously, the "env-set" take the file argument as the last argument
  and optional.
  This changes move the file argument to the first argument so the bash
  completion can detect and print the completion for list of keys.

  While at it, fix handling key with quoted in EnvSet and EnvGet.

* all: refactoring env-get command

  This changes the order of arguments of env-get command to pass the
  directory first before the key.
  The reason is to simplify auto-completion later from the command line.

=== New features

* all: add command env-keys

  The "env-keys" command print list of environment variables under a
  This command is internal, not documented, used by bash completion.

* all: add bash completion script

  Using awwan from CLI now can automatically complete the arguments
  based on the command and current parameter number.