v0.11.0 5 months ago

Release awwan v0.11.0 (2024-01-06)

In this release we create https://tour.awwan.org where user can try and
learn awwan using step-by-step tutorial.

In the web-user interface (WUI) we add functionality to stop the local or
SSH execution.

=== Breaking changes

* all: make the magic line "#put:" use explicit source for encrypted file

=== New features

* _wui: implement button to stop execution
* all: implement HTTP API to stop local or play execution

=== Bug fixes

* all: check script file is a directory
* all: fix panic due to out of range when running "#require" statement

=== Enhancements

* all: delete the execution response and context cancellation on finished
* all: change the remote temporary directory to "~/.cache/awwan"