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Release awwan v0.12.1 (2024-04-05)

This release replace module "share" with "pakakeh.go".

In the "_wui", we use shared static assets from Cloud Storage.
The idea is to minimize noise in the logs that does not related to page
access and minimize binary size.

In the "_ops", we use shared mkosi cache in user’s home ".cache".
This is to minimize duplicate files and allow us to find or grep files
without excluding certains directory.

We also apply some recommendations from linters.

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Release awwan v0.12.0 (2024-02-08)

=== Breaking changes

* all: refactoring "env-set" arguments

  Previously, the "env-set" take the file argument as the last argument
  and optional.
  This changes move the file argument to the first argument so the bash
  completion can detect and print the completion for list of keys.

  While at it, fix handling key with quoted in EnvSet and EnvGet.

* all: refactoring env-get command

  This changes the order of arguments of env-get command to pass the
  directory first before the key.
  The reason is to simplify auto-completion later from the command line.

=== New features

* all: add command env-keys

  The "env-keys" command print list of environment variables under a
  This command is internal, not documented, used by bash completion.

* all: add bash completion script

  Using awwan from CLI now can automatically complete the arguments
  based on the command and current parameter number.

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Release awwan v0.11.0 (2024-01-06)

In this release we create https://tour.awwan.org where user can try and
learn awwan using step-by-step tutorial.

In the web-user interface (WUI) we add functionality to stop the local or
SSH execution.

=== Breaking changes

* all: make the magic line "#put:" use explicit source for encrypted file

=== New features

* _wui: implement button to stop execution
* all: implement HTTP API to stop local or play execution

=== Bug fixes

* all: check script file is a directory
* all: fix panic due to out of range when running "#require" statement

=== Enhancements

* all: delete the execution response and context cancellation on finished
* all: change the remote temporary directory to "~/.cache/awwan"

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Release awwan v0.10.0 (2023-12-16)

=== New features

internal/cmd: add flag "address" for command www-awwan::

  This is to allow using different address when running on local,
  without conflict with "serve-www" task in Makefile.

all: implement command "env-get" to get value from environment files::

  The env-get command get the value from environment files.

      <key> [dir]

  The "key" argument define the key where value is stored in environment
  using "section:sub:name" format.
  The "dir" argument is optional, its define the directory where
  environment files will be loaded, recursively, from BaseDir to dir.
  If its empty default to the current directory.

all: implement command to set environment value with "env-set"::

  The env-set command set the value of environment file. Syntax,

	  <key> <value> <file>

  The "key" argument define the key to be set using "section:sub:name"
  The "value" argument define the value key.
  The "file" argument define path to environment file.

  For example, to set the value for "name" under section "host" to
  "myhost" in file "awwan.env" run

  $ awwan env-set host::name myhost awwan.env

  To set the value for key "pass" under section "user" subsection
  "database" to value "s3cret" in file "awwan.env" run

  $ awwan env-set user:database:pass s3cret awwan.env

_wui: implement Encrypt::

  In the right side of Save button we now have a button Encrypt that
  allow user to Encrypt opened file.

  This require the workspace has been setup with private key
  (.ssh/awwan.key) and pass file (.ssh/awwan.pass).

_wui: implement Decrypt::

  In the right side of Save button we now have a button Decrypt that
  allow user to Decrypt file with ".vault" extension only.

  This require the workspace has been setup with private key
  (.ssh/awwan.key) and pass file (.ssh/awwan.pass).

=== Breaking changes

all: make the magic line "#local" works on "local" command too::

  In case we have a script that manage local host and remote server,
  calling "play" on "#local" lines only always open the connection to
  remote server.

  To minimize opening unused connections, let the "#local" command works
  on both commands.  Its up to user which part of lines that they want
  to execute on remote or local.

_wui: use CTRL+Enter to trigger save instead of CTRL+s on editor::

  Using CTRL+s sometimes cause pressing s only trigger the save, due to
  fast typing (or keyboard error?).

=== Bug fixes

all: close the SSH connection once Play finished::

  Previously, we used to run awwan as CLI so each connection is open and
  closed once the command completed.
  Since we now use awwan WUI frequently, any command that execute Play
  does not close the session immediately once finished.
  This cause many connections open in remote server.

  This changes close the SSH connections immediately once the Play
  command finished.

all: fix memfs excludes regex::

  Previously, the regex does not contains "^" and "$" which makes
  file like "multi-user.target.wants" considered as ".tar" file and
  being excluded.

_wui: update editor component::


  - fix paste that always end with newline
  - fix editor content that got wrapped due to width
  - update layout without using float
  - replace execCommand with Selection

all: fix excludes on HTTP server related to .git::

  The HTTP server should excludes ".git" directory only, not the other
  files, like ".gitignore" or ".gitconfig".

all: always load SSH config when running Play::

  In case awwan run with "serve" and we modify the ".ssh/config", the
  changes does not detected by awwan because we only read ".ssh/config"
  once we Awwan instance created.

  This changes fix this issue by always loading SSH config every time
  the Play method executed so the user CLI and WUI has the same

=== Enhancements

all: reduce the response on HTTP endpoint on GET fs::

  Previously, the HTTP endpoint for "GET /awwan/api/fs" return the
  content of files when the requested node is a directory.
  This is cause unnecessary load because when requesting directory we
  only need list of file names not the content.

  This changes reduce the response by returning only list of node child
  without its content, which require update on share module on

_wui: use the output for displaying notification::

  Previously, we use a quick "pop-up" to display notification for each
  information or error from WUI.
  Sometimes this is annoying, it overlap the buttons, make it hard to
  Save and Encrypt at the same time.

  In this changes we move the nofication message to be displayed in
  the output, same with output of execution.

all: use the same date format between log and mlog package::

  In this way, the date-time output from log.Xxx and mlog.Xxx are

all: remove duplicate errors logged on Copy, Put, and SudoCopy::

  While at it, replace all call of [log.Printf] with [Request.mlog] so
  error both written to stderr and to [Request.Output].

_wui: do not clear output when executing another command::

  This allow user to see the output of previous command without opening
  the log file.

_wui: store and load the vfs width in local storage::

  This is allow user to resize vfs width in one window and when new
  window is opened the vfs width is restored with the same size.

_wui: disable button "Local" and "Play" when clicked::

  Once the execution completed, both buttons will be enabled again.
  While at it, add an icon to show the execution status.

_wui: rename "Remote" to "Play"::

  This is to make command between the CLI and WUI consistent.

all: refactoring HTTP endpoint for Execute::

  Previously, the Execute endpoint wait for command execution to finish.
  In case the command takes longer than proxy or server write timeout,
  it will return with a timeout error to client.

  In this changes, we generate an execution ID for each request and
  return it immediately.

  The new API "GET /awwan/api/execute/tail" implement Server-sent
  events, accept the execution ID from "/awwan/api/execute".

  Once called with valid ID, it will streaming the command output
  to client.

  By using this new API, the WUI can receive the output of command
  immediately without waiting for all commands to be completed.

_wui: add vertical resizer, to resize between VFS and editor::

_wui: allow all content type but decrease max file size to 1 MB::

  Previously, only file with type json, message, octet-stream, script,
  text, or XML that can be opened by editor.
  In this changes we allow all files as long as the size is less than

_wui: update vfs component::

  This changes allow user browse the crumb in path and item in the list
  using tab key.
  While at it, fix the layout to make VFS and editor aligned.

_wui: implement file filter::

  This changes move the text input for creating new file above the list.

  Filling the text field will filter the list based on the node name
  using regular expression.

  Another changes is for node with type directory now suffixed with "/".

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Release awwan v0.9.0 (2023-11-11)

Awwan now have a website at https://awwan.org.

=== New features

* all: implement remote "#get!" and "#put!" with owner and mode

  The magic command "#get" and "#put" now have an inline options to set
  the owner and permission of copied file. Example of usage are,

    #get:$USER:$GROUP+$PERM src dst
    #put!$USER:$GROUP+$PERM src dst

  The $USER, $GROUP and $PERM are optionals.

  If $USER and/or $GROUP is set, a copied file will have owner set to
  user $USER and/or group to $GROUP. If $PERM is set, a copied file will
  have the mode permission set to $MODE.

* all: add magic command "#local"

  The magic command "#local" define the command to be executed using
  shell in local environment. Its have effect and can only be used in
  script that executed using "play".
  In script that is executed using "local" it does nothing.

* _www: replace button "Clear selection" with text input for line range

  Instead of using mouse to select which lines to be executed, let user
  input it manually like in the CLI.

* all: log all execution into file

  For each script execution, a file suffixed with ".log" will be created
  in the same directory with the same name as script file. For example,
  if the script is path is "a/b/c.aww" then the log file would named

  This is to provides history and audit in the future.

* cmd/awwan: add option "-address" to command serve

  The "-address" option allow defining the HTTP server address to serve
  the web-user interface.

=== Bug fixes

* all: trim spaces in passphrase when its read from file

  Using vim, or UNIX in general, the file always end with "\n".
  If we read the whole file then the passphrase will end with it,
  this cause the decryption may fail (or wrong encryption passphrase

* _www: fix saving file content using CTRL+s

  The issue is using "this.editorOnSave" result on undefined "this"
  inside the editorOnSave.

* all: remove the node when requested from HTTP API /awwan/api/fs

  Previously, the HTTP API for deleting node only remove the file but
  not the node in the memfs.

  This changes remove the child node from memfs, so the next refresh on
  directory will not contains the removed file.

* all: return the error as reponse in HTTP API execute

  Previously, when the command execution failed, we check the error and
  return it as HTTP status code 500. In this way, user cannot view the
  log and actual error.

  In this changes, if the command failed, we store the error in separate
  field "Error" and return to the caller with HTTP status code 200.

=== Enhancements

* all: fix printing the statement to be executed

  This fix missing magic command not printed in stdout.

* all: use "mlog.MultiLogger" to log Request output and error

  By using "mlog.MultiLogger" every output or error can be written to
  stdout/stderr and additional log writer that can collect both of them,
  buffered and returned to the caller.

  This changes simplify the HttpResponse to use only single output that
  combine both stdout and stderr.

* _www: add button to resize editor and output

  The button can be dragged up and down to resize both the editor and output

* _www: show confirmation when user open other file with unsaved changes

  If user modify the current file without saving it and then open another
  file, it will show confirmation dialog to continue opening file or cancel

* all: on file save, make sure file end with line-feed

  On some application, like haproxy configuration, line-feed (LF or "n") are
  required, otherwise the application would not start.

* script: respect spaces when joining multi lines command

  If a multi lines command does not have spaces or have multiple spaces,
  join them as is. For example,


  should return the value as ab, while

    a \\

  should return "a<space><space>b".

* _wui: various enhancements


  - The "File" tag now highlighted to distinguish with file name
  - The "Execute" action moved to replace the Output, so we have some
    additional horizontal space
  - The "Output" tag removed
  - Fix layout on mobile devices where height is set to static
  - editor: re-render content after save
  - editor: handle paste event manually

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Release awwan v0.8.0 (2023-10-04)

This release add support for encryption, with two new commands "encrypt"
and "decrypt" for encrypting and decrypting file with RSA private key.

The awwan command also can read encrypted environment file with the name
".awwan.env.vault", so any secret variables can stored there and the
script that contains '{{.Val "..."}}' works as usual.

Any magic put "#put" also can copy encrypted file without any changes, as
long as the source file with ".vault" extension exist.

For environment where awwan need to be operated automatically, for example
in build system, awwan can read the private key's passphrase automatically
from the file ".ssh/awwan.pass".

=== Bug fixes

* all: do not expand environment during parseScript
* all: fix #require does not get executed on the same start
* _www: fix execute request that still use "begin_at" and "end_at"

=== Enhancements

* all: make .Vars, .Val, and .Vals panic if values is empty
* all: print any path relative to base directory
* all: move field bufout and buferr out of httpServer struct

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Release awwan v0.7.0 (2023-05-14)

===  Breaking changes

* all: changes the line number arguments for "local" and "play" command

===  Chores

* all: convert README from Asciidoc to Markdown
* all: move code for development to package internal
* all: add configuration for golangci-lint
* all: move _doc to directory _www
* go.mod: set the Go module version to 1.19

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Release awwan v0.6.2 (2023-03-03)

This release set minimum Go to 1.18 and update all dependencies.

===  Chores

* all: fix the git clone URL in README
* all: restructure the documents

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Release awwan v0.6.1 (2022-08-06)

This release fix the build process due to unused dependencies, private
submodules URL, and missing directory; which is not caught when running
on local.

===  Chores

*  all: remove calling tsc when building main.js
*  all: add empty .ssh directory to allow running build command
*  all: changes the submodule wui to use https schema
*  _AUR: add package script for Arch Linux user
*  all: update the README with the latest implementation
*  all: watch and convert .adoc files during development
*  all: convert the adoc during build and serve
*  all: realign some structs to minimize memory usage

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Release awwan v0.6.0 (2022-07-04)

==  Bug fix

*  all: fix the #get! statement when executing on local

==  Enhancements

*  cmd/awwan: make the "help" and "version" as command

==  Chores

*  all: changes the way to build JavaScript using esbuild
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