ref: v0.1.0 asciidoctor-go/document_parser.go -rw-r--r-- 29.8 KiB
document_parser: remove unused debug statement
all: rename adocNode to element

Using prefix adoc to module asciidoc is kinda bit stutter.
all: do not wrap document with content and preamble on ToEmbeddedHTML

Previously, HTMl document generated from ToEmbeddedHTML contains div
with id "content" and sub div "preamble".

This changes, make the ToEmbeddedHTML generate the HTML document without
those divs wrapper.
all: fix parsing list with open block

If the list body contains continuation with open block, the whole open
block content should be treatent as sub-of block until it end with
54a29013 — Shulhan 9 months ago
document_parser: fix parsing open block inside list item

By using open block "--" we allow the list body content without adding
"+" for each empty line.
2681b8ea — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: refactoring document parser to split content by lines

Previously, we read the raw content line by line.  Unfortunately, this
technique did not work for "include" directive, where the included
file's content will be embedded to current content.

This changes split the initial raw content by lines to make it allow
injecting another lines when including directives exist.
94351579 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: preparing implementation for "include" directive

There are basic things that need to be done before we can implement
the "include" directive, especially on how to embed the content of
included file into the content of current document.
85e1837b — Shulhan 9 months ago
document: store the full path of parsed file on Document

The full path will be required later for implementing the "include"
8f50b167 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: add support for checklist in unordered list
50dda5f8 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: support custom markers on unordered list

Custom markers including "square", "circle", "disc", "none", "no-bullet",
"unstyled", and any strings that is not part of asciidoc internal styles.
0c1fa764 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: remove unused methods and unexport internal methods
e80d5e10 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: unified the document node attributes
25fb8028 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: implement table options "footer"
65079176 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: implement table options "header" and "noheader"
ea961ec7 — Shulhan 9 months ago
chore: increase the debug value to supress logs on DEBUG=1
d5502ca1 — Shulhan 9 months ago
all: support all column style "a", "e", "h", "l", "m", "d", "s", "v"
f1c0969d — Shulhan 10 months ago
all: implement parser for table

Currently supported format with "cols" options are,

* setting number of columns,
* setting the horizontal and vertical alignment
* setting the column width
18f26d69 — Shulhan 10 months ago
all: change attributeClass from map to slice

Using map is unpredictable for class.  Imagine if we have CSS that
set style based on order of class "a.b", using map sometimes will
generate a string "b a" which will not what we expect.
43dfd5e2 — Shulhan 10 months ago
all: support section "[discrete]" headings style
4a96e9e8 — Shulhan 10 months ago
all: implement additional metadatas

The following metadata has been implemented,

* "idprefix": changing the auto generated ID prefix
* "idseparator": changing the separator for auto generated ID
* "sectids": enabling or disabling auto generated ID
* "sectlinks": generate link on section title
* "sectanchors: generate an anchor, empty link, before section title