Bandung, Indonesia


Software engineer at day, avid writer and translator at night; also passive advocate for free and open source movement. Ex-Barksdale crew. Ex-Dunder Mifflin.


Native Go module for parsing and converting asciidoc markup language.


Go library and HTTP client for duitku.com


[mirror] A collection of tools, public APIs, and libraries for working with Go programming language.


Source of my personal site at https://kilabit.info created using ciigo


Command line interface for Time-based One Time Password (TOTP)


Mirror of https://go.googlesource.com/website


Configuration management software, infrastructure as file and directory layout


Library and program to parse and forward HAProxy logs


Go static website generator with asciidoc markup language


HTTP workers and manager with web user interface


Resolver (DNS) cache daemon.


A library and service for programmatically run and load testing HTTP services


An example of using karajo to build and server AUR packages


Web user interface components build with TypeScript


Opinionated application backbone for Go

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