8b6a4567 — shockham a month ago main
fix: simplify to just changing to using https to get stream url
f7acb625 — shockham a month ago
fix: change to access token query
b57d0923 — shockham 2 months ago
fix: when a stream url is returned but stream is not live
16354c80 — shockham 2 months ago
chore: update usage text
223a782e — shockham 2 months ago
chore: update go version to 1.21
538503b5 — shockham 2 months ago
feat: add ability to grab vod urls
ff8a776e — shockham 2 months ago
fix: update deprecated random seed
d3ab9e44 — shockham 7 months ago
Remove web usage to make simpler
86ec9676 — shockham 7 months ago
Add ability to grab a different quality
dc733b45 — shockham 10 months ago
fix: update hostname for grabbing stream url
6ba1fea1 — shockham 11 months ago
Add game and stream title
54523e91 — shockham a year ago
Small tidy up
Grab live status using goroutines
Run go fmt
Add ability to check online channels from cli
Minor refactor
Update the README for cli usage
If arg just print so can use with mpv
Add props to twire
Well, lets get some better formatting