Updates folllowing lighthouse breaking changes
Update patchset discussion pages

Per feedback from a GitLab employee, I've updated these to all replicate
the same discussion on the same patchset.
Clarify how network conditions are controlled for
SourceHut has a blame view now
Fix format string for generation timestamp
spec.yml: remove GitHub from worst case blame results
Add Pagure testing
spec.yml: add Bitbucket issue tracker links
spec.yml: fix a few typos
Fix errors in template
index.css: add padding around <th>

Improves layout on narrow screens
Improve error handling further

Assigns a score of 0 to errorneous cases
More mobile improvements
Wrap individual result tables in .table
Mobile layout improvements
Fix partial errors properly
Use <abbr> for acronyms
Remove special handling for runtime errors
Finalize generate.yml