A tiny file and directory watcher for Linux
Allow setting sleep seconds with -t
FIX: Bad define for _XOPEN_SOURCE creating irrelevant warnings about nftw
Added directory support


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A tiny file watcher for Linux


miniwatch FILE_OR_DIR_TO_WATCH -c ARG ARG etc

miniwatch will watch for the modified time of the given file, and when it detects a change in the modified time, it will run the given command and arguments.

If it was given a directory, it will also watch for file creation & deletion to trigger the command. (Directories are checked recursively for files).

For example:

miniwatch src/main.c -c gcc -o miniwatch src/main.c

There are some caveats:

  • Because stat will peg one core of your CPU if it blindly runs in a loop, waiting for changes, miniwatch actually sleeps for a full second before checking the file/directory each time.

  • miniwatch assumes that time moves forward, and modified times will result in similar linear behaviour. This is naive in the extreme, but should work most of the time.

  • miniwatch won't drop into the background whilst it is running. I like it this way, you might not. nohup is your friend.

  • There is minimal, absolutely minimal, safety around the CLI parsing. The order of arguments matters.

  • Command errors are ignored.


I wanted a program to watch and react to changes, but didn't want to install something like inotify.

So I spent a whopping five minutes building the initial version of this:

An explanation of the pathetically minimal code can be found here if you're thinking of making it more robust.

Update: The directory handling code is a little bit more verbose than what is explained above, using a basic key-value store. It is still drop-dead simple. It took me a further hour to implement, and isn't really handling errors, either.


See the LICENSE file for the legally binding text.

CC0 1.0 Universal at time of writing.