Increment patch number to reflect number of small fixes
Fixed passCount in testsuite
Commented on examples.
Demonstration of hashing
Preperations for integrating jstring
Expanded install info
Log system, checked_malloc, and new type aliases.
Compiler now uses our logging facilities.
More documentation!
Increment version number for our new self-compiler.
Add timing of compilation, note we're dogfooding.
Fixed comments in src/main.e. Implemented compiling itself as a test.
Bootstrapping works!
Still not including include/evjl.h correctly.
Began implementing compiler in evjl
v0.2.0 to acknowledge the new featureset.
Added testing of compiled files.
Enabled library linker
Enabled bounds checker. Add ability to add include paths.
Fixed #10 - Compiling now links.
Check compilation failed. Which it will if you need a library.