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I had some fun writing a few different Grug-brained DCT and IDCT implementations from scratch, targeting a few different use cases and complexity levels.

There will be lots of different DCT/IDCT implementations in here, all public domain or liberally licensed. If any of them are useful to you, copy/paste them into your project and enjoy.


  • There's some visual noise creeping in. I think there's some int overflow hiding in here somewhere.

#Expectation Management

NOTE: This is NOT INTENDED TO BE IMPORTED DIRECTLY. PLEASE copy the bits you want into your own code.

This repo is not guaranteed to be stable in any way, shape or form. If you import the code directly and it changes or disappears and your code breaks, that's your fault.

There's no copyright here, these are just bog-standard implementations of widely-known algorithms with nothing novel whatsoever added. I have included several permissive licenses just in case you need that.

Contributions will not be accepted.

#Got by with a little help from: